Corporate Miami Car Service

For the businesspeople of Miami, having a great limo service company that they can fully rely on is a necessity. Therefore, we made ourselves available 24/7 for all of you that require our most professional and exquisite service.

We take you to and from all the nearby airports or we make sure that you are on time even for your out-of-town meeting. For any event or a business dinner, we provide a safe and first-class ride there and back. If you are a part of a corporate group, we have a special black van service that welcomes up to 14 people. 

With our transportation company by your side, you will leave a great impression on your co-workers and ensure everyone has the most pleasant experience. For whichever reason you need us, our team will find a way to a perfect solution!

Hourly Corporate Transportation

Whenever you have multiple meetings during the day, your mind needs to stay focused on work longer than usual. For that very reason, we designed our hourly car service that keeps you concentrated on what’s important, instead of managing how to overcome numerous traffic obstacles.

For as many hours as you need us, we are at your service. Get from one part of Miami to the other in the shortest time possible, but fully relaxed in the first-class vehicle with an experienced chauffeur behind the wheel. If you need to go further to Palm Springs or Boca Raton to an early meeting, we take care of time management and the fastest route selection, so you can rest assured that you will reach your destination in no time. Our top-class fleet surely contributes to our high ranking among corporate clients and the vehicle choice is entirely yours.

Pick a powerful SUV or fine sedan that matches your character and desires, and you are already halfway done with the reservation. All the modern amenities that top branded vehicles possess are at your full disposal – WiFi, Bluetooth, flatscreen TV with a DVD player, extra legroom, leather seats, etc.

Miami Airport Limo for Corporate Travelers

We meet & greet you at Miami International Airport (MIA) or Fort Lauderdale International Airport (FFL) and take you further to the preferred location. Miami Airport is very close to the downtown, but sometimes the traffic is so hectic that it prolongs a 15 minutes ride to 45 minutes of stress. 

Luckily, our drivers are skilled locals who know each street of the city and there will be no delays with them. Besides waiting for you at the gate, It is our driver’s responsibility to get you where you need to be in time.

FFL might be a bit further, but it is a common choice for our many corporate clients since it is less crowded and therefore more convenient for business flyers.

Corporate Miami Car Service For Any Group Size

We can take care of the group’s entire transportation arrangement. From airport transfers and hotel drop-offs to getting your group smoothly through the busy Miami. Depending on the number of passengers, we offer SUVs that can accommodate up to 7 people or black vans with 14 people capacity. 

No matter the type of vehicle, we keep them utterly presentable, clean, and safe, so you can expect the most positive impressions from the whole group. Yours and their satisfaction is our ultimate goal.  

Our dedicated staff understands the needs of corporate travelers and is more than capable of meeting them entirely since working under great pressure is what we have in common. We made the booking process easy and fast, so do it today and let us take care of your Miami transportation or if preferable, give our agents a call and we will hear you out and create a customized offer.